Holiday Eating for Healthy Waistlines

Keep your holiday cravings in check with these simple tips and tricks. Your waistline will thank you!

With the holidays and cold weather approaching, many people take this time as an excuse to overindulge and consume higher calorie foods than normal. Just because you can wear oversized sweaters and stretchy jeans is no excuse to give up on your fitness goals. Here are some easy ways to avoid the holiday weight gain.

  1. Exercise First and Last

Create a calorie deficit before indulging on your favorite high calorie cakes, cookies, and pies. Taking a walk after eating is also a great way to prevent extra weight gain. Because your body’s metabolism will already be elevated as it tries to digest the food you just ate, adding light exercise to the mix will further boost your metabolism for a short time. Light exercise after a meal also has a significant effect on lowering triglycerides in the blood. This can help prevent weight gain and cardiovascular disease.

  1. Portion Control

It may sound easier than it is, but portion control is key to prevent overeating. Rather than filling your plate to the brim with everything you can find, start with small portions, wait 10 minutes, then see if you are still hungry. If possible, try a smaller plate as well. Smaller plate sizes have been shown to help prevent overeating and the weight gain associated with it.

3. Eat Before Going to the Party

The common thinking is “I’ll save my calories for later.” However, this can actually lead to overeating and over indulging. Studies have shown that people who eat before going to a party or holiday gathering actually eat less. Which makes sense, if you are not as hungry when you go to a holiday party, you most likely will not eat as much.

  1. Easy on the Booze

What many people don’t realize, is the liquid calories can add up. Keep in mind the average light beer has around 100 calories per can.  All these calories add up quick. Try having a glass of water or seltzer between alcoholic beverages. This will help keep you hydrated, sober, and away from the extra calories.

  1. Be aware of your surroundings

If you are trying to avoid eating high sugar, high calorie foods, sitting right next to the cookie tray or bowl of candy is probably not a great idea. Move away from the temptations, and you will be less likely to indulge. Focus on family and friends instead of the pie tray.

6. Keep your goals in mind, but be realistic.

If you know you struggle to keep weight off during the holiday season, perhaps now isn’t the best time to start a weight loss routine. Focus instead on weight management instead of loss and you will have a much happier holiday season.


The holiday season is not a mandatory weight gain season. Remember these few easy tips, and enjoy the season!





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