Take the Suspense out of Suspension Training

Have you seen these funny looking yellow straps hanging in the spin room, but never knew what they were? Now’s your chance to find out.

Those yellow straps are TRX suspension training straps. They are a revolutionary new training tool developed by a US Navy Seal to train your total body, using only your body weight. These straps can be used for everything from chest press to squats and anything in between.  Because you are using only yourbody weight, the intensity level can be adjusted for all fitness levels. An added benefit to using these straps to train is an increased calorie burn.

Because of the design of the straps, your stabilizer muscles are working overtime to help perform the exercises. More muscles activated means more calories burned.   Also because there are no weights to adjust, machines to change, or places to move to, your workout will be streamlined and efficient. Less rest equals higher consistent heart rate equals more calories burned.


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