Three Rules for Rapid Weight Loss This Summer

Have an event coming up soon that you need to slim down for? Is wedding season right around the corner and you need to shed a quick 5 pounds? Here’s 3 rules to follow for quick weight loss.

Rule #1: Eliminate all starchy carbs.

Things like breads, pastas, potatoes, and rice. These types of foods can cause your body to retain water, making the scale rise. Also, when you eat starchy carbs, the body starts to release insulin to remove the glucose from your bloodstream. If the glucose isn’t being burned through exercise, it is getting stored as fat instead. Eliminating starchy carbs for fast weight loss.

Rule #2: Limit fruit to 1-2 servings per day.

As healthy as fruit can be, the naturally high sugar content can really slow weight loss. Instead, stick to veggies, which are much lower in calories and just as nutrient dense.

Rule #3: Eliminate all added and artificial sugar.

This is similar to the starchy carbs rule. The more sugar we eat, the more insulin is released, the more gets stored as fat. Try eliminating all added and artificial sugars and sweeteners for a fast weight drop.

Keep in mind this is not a diet plan that can be sustained for an extended period. These rules are meant for a short 2-3 week period. When you are ready to return to normal eating, stick to as whole grain as possible with your breads and pastas!

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